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Home Furniture Assembly
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Sporting Equipment Assembly
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Getting the run-around from Ikea or simply want to find a local company who can respond to your Wayfair purchase in a timely manner? Then you'll appreciate our affordable home furniture assembly service. We strive to make next-day appointments around your schedule, not our own.​ So if you bought a bedroom set from Ikea or simply a desk from Office Depot, we have the tools and know-how go get it done while you sit back and relax!
We know the feeling. Your new online or retail store purchase arrives on your doorstep in several boxes and you're just dreading to open them up! YIKES!!! So many boxes; so many parts and those awful instructions. What are you to do? Who wants to sit through that for hours on end, trying to figure things out? We do, of course! 

Our professional installers have the patience and expertise to build any ready-to-assemble sporting equipment, home or office furniture item you have purchased. We only speak in easy to understand terms and take the frustration out of READY TO ASSEMBLE!
Gazebos and Pergolas are a summer's delight. So if it is just too much for you to handle on your own, we can put it together for you! You name it, if it comes in box and has a slew of screws to be tightened, you can rest assured that we can put it together for you worry-free. Grills & Patio furniture too. They can be quite a challenge when you try to do it yourself. We've seen too many Do-it-yourselfers create quite a mess when it comes to gazebos!
Office Furniture Assembly 
Our highly skilled assembly team assembles and installs all types of case goods, especially executive desks, hutches and credenzas. So if you're about to expand or open a new office, we have the manpower, tools and expertise to get it put together for you. We are especially skilled at assembling Bush and Sauder desks from Office Depot, Staples and

Basketball hoops, Outdoor Trampolines, Table Tennis, Foosball tables, we do it all! So if you recently made a purchase online from Amazon and are in need of a professional assembly company to put it together for you, contact the pros at APi. Our expert assembly technicians assemble all makes and models from the leading brands such as Lifetime, Spalding, Kettler, Hathaway and many others. Don't wait any longer. Call us today!
Home Gym & Fitness Equipment Assembly
So you purchased a new home gym only to find "some assembly required". Huh? And boy are those boxes heavy. What are you going to do? Call on the pros at SoCal Assembly of course! If needed, we will relocate any unopened boxes from a garage to the room where the equipment will be used. We'll get it all put together, let you give it a spin and you're ready to go. No hassling with the instructions manual. No searching for the right tools. 
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